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Schedule of Assessment

Schedule of Assessment

Application of Terms and Conditions The provisions of this Schedule are subject to, and form part of, the Terms and Conditions – Technology Access and Trader Assessment Program (Terms) as provided and agreed to by you on establishment of your Account. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the provisions of this Schedule prevail in the event of any discrepancy between them and the Terms. Available Assessment Programs

Standard 1 Step


Standard 2 Step


Standard 3 Step


The Six Six Challenge


Additional Notes:

  1. All dollar amounts above are in [US Dollars].

  2. Notional Net Profit means the notional value that can be attributed to the representative value of the net positions of your Trades for

    each Trading Period.

  3. The Assessment Period and Assessment Criteria may comprise either 1 or 2 parts. If it comprises 1 part, then you must satisfy the stated

    Assessment Criteria within the stated Assessment Period. If it comprises 2 parts, then you must satisfy the requirements of Phase 1 (Evaluation) to be eligible to proceed to Phase 2 (Verification) and you must satisfy the requirements of Phase 2 (Verification) to satisfy the Assessment Criteria for your selected Assessment Program.

  4. All Access Fees published in this Schedule of Assessment Programs and Fees are exclusive of relevant taxes or other statutory or regulatory costs. You are responsible for paying any such amounts and the Company may withhold or recover such amounts from you in accordance with clause 14.

  5. Hedging Between Accounts Definition: Using 2 different trading accounts to open opposing trades on the same instruments with the same lot size at the same time.

  6. Rules for withdrawals: The first withdrawal can only be requested after 30 days of being a live-funded trader. Following the first withdrawal, a subsequent withdrawal can be requested after another 15 days. Subsequent withdrawals can be requested bi-weekly.

  7. No and Yes: No means that the feature is not allowed under any circumstances. Yes, means that the feature is allowed, subject to certain conditions.

  8. Grid Trading Definition: Establishing multiple buy and sell orders, typically at equal intervals or "grid gaps" above and below the current market price. These orders are referred to as "grid levels." When the market price reaches a grid level, the corresponding buy or sell order is executed. The trader maintains these grid levels regardless of the direction of the market, aiming to profit from price oscillations within the defined range.

  9. Prohibit Trading Practices in the Funded Stage: Tick Scalping, High-Frequency trading, Latency Arbitrage, Account Management, Reverse Arbitrage, Grid Trading, Data Feed Manipulation, Use of Delayed Data Feed.

  10. The profit split is up to 85% of Notional Net Profit (after representative trading costs and carried-over representative losses, if any, are accounted for.

    Withdrawal Period: The first withdrawal can only be requested after 30 days of being a live-funded trader. Following the first withdrawal, subsequent withdrawals can be requested bi-weekly.

  11. Profit Cap: The lower of either 10% (based on account size) or $15,000 on all withdrawals.

Residency Acknowledgement & Disclaimer

For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions and this Schedule, Restricted Territories include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Russia (or the Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk regions of Ukraine), Somalia, Syria, and the United States.

Residency acknowledgment: Passport holders from a Restricted Territory can use our service if they are residents in non-restricted countries and have proof of resident visa.


Amendments to this Schedule

This Schedule may be updated or amended in accordance with clause 3.1 of the Terms. For any updates or changes affecting Access Fees, Assessment Criteria, Funded Trader Criteria or Potential Trader Payments, you will be given 1 day prior written notice before they apply to you. Following notice of any such updates or amendments, you may elect to voluntarily stop using the Services at any time in accordance with clause 19.1.

Dated: 20/05/2024

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