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Founder Statement

"During my Mechanical Engineering studies at university, I began to feel disillusioned and looked to pursue a career that would give me a greater level of independence. It's no surprise that I stumbled across FX trading, drawn in by the usual "make money whilst working anywhere" marketing gimmicks that typically attract a retail trader's attention. I discovered prop firms after my graduation in 2020 and I was amazed at the opportunity they provided. From here, I spent the next 3 years on a turbulent journey, trading several funded accounts, failing multiple challenges and, eventually, achieving over six figures in payouts. 


The world of prop firms can often feel very opaque, where marketing gimmicks with a distinct lack of clarity hold sway. This was the environment that frustrated me for years as a prop trader. The lack of transparency, the feeling that the rules were shifting, misleading marketing tactics and the general focus on short-term gains over long-term stability – it all left me feeling this could be done simpler, and better.

That's where the idea for Indigo Trader Funding was born. I envisioned a prop trading firm built on a foundation of transparency, sustainability, and fairness. It wouldn't be about chasing the latest fad marketing tactic or exploiting gaps in the lack of regulation. Instead, we'd focus on building a model that could thrive over the long haul, one that prioritised both the success of our traders and the health of the company itself."


- Lucas Thomas, CEO

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Lucas Thomas

Founder and CEO

What is Indigo Trader Funding?

Indigo Trader Funding is a simulated trader funding program, designed to help prospective traders from around the globe achieve their goals of making money from trading on the financial markets without having to have any of the capital that is usually required.  Trading on the financial markets is a difficult and challenging career to undertake and the reality is, most traders will fail in their efforts to reach the levels of consistency needed to make this a full-time career. But for those of you who do have that potential, you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts


We offer a range of simulated account options - 1 Step, 2 Step and 3 Step evaluations, as well as our Six Six challenge - designed to give traders maximum flexibility on the path to reaching funded trader status. We operate in a completely transparent and sustainable way, ensuring that we consistently build the reserves necessary whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum, guaranteeing that we will always payout profitable traders who trade within the rules, whether they achieve one payout or 20+ payouts.

Here at Indigo Trader Funding, we believe in the power of evaluation models. This approach allows traders to maximise the opportunity to profit from their trading without having the usual amounts of capital required. It provides traders with a route to earning from their trading skills where they otherwise would struggle to have one.

But an evaluation model is just one piece of the puzzle. We also prioritise establishing a sustainable trading framework. This includes clear, well-defined rules that are fair to both traders and the company. We believe that consistent, predictable guidelines are essential for fostering trust and long-term success. 

Perhaps most importantly, we're committed to transparency. Our traders deserve to know exactly what rules they are facing and exactly and how the company operates. We believe in open communication and fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued, empowered and in the know.

From our side, it's about steady, sustainable growth. Maintaining low operating costs and accounting for the higher level of industry volatility is essential for establishing a long-term business. Traders deserve to know that the company they trade with takes this seriously. Building a company like Indigo Trader Funding isn't about getting rich quick, it isn't about making claims of taking over the industry. It's about creating a space where passionate traders can trade with trust, trade with clarity and trade without the dreaded payout anxiety.


If this is what you're looking for, then we invite you to explore what Indigo Trader Funding has to offer. 

Our Culture, Values and Mission

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