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Get Trading.
Get Funded.

Unleash your trading potential with accounts up to $300,000. Take our simulated trading evaluation and receive 85%, up to 95% of the profit on our simulated funded accounts.

Platform 4 and DXTrade Available

Based in the United Kingdom

6% Profit Targets Available

Balance-Based Daily Drawdown

Trusted Broker


Take Your Trading to the Next Level


AI Powered Performance Tracker

Receive in-time performance analysis of your trading, powered by powerful AI tech designed to give you a detailed equity curve to help you achieve your trading goals.

Instant Credentials

Get trading straight away with instant login credentials sent to your email inbox.

Advanced Trading Dashboard

Intuitive trading dashboard with a wide range of features to help you manage your evaluations and accounts, all in one place.

In-Built Trading History

Monitor and track your progress with our in-built automated trading history.

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The Process is Simple

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Get Started


You must choose your preferred evaluation. Make sure you are choosing the path that is best suited to your trading style. We have FOUR evaluation types to choose from!


Purchase Your Evaluation

Once you have made your decision, purchase your chosen evaluation. You can pay via debit/credit card or with cryptocurrency. Once purchased, you will be able to access our trading dashboard!


Trade With Care

Trade with care, trade with patience, follow your strategy, execute like a pro, aim for consistency and successfully pass your evaluation.


Earn Profits

Become a funded trader and get paid for trading profitably on your account.

Find Out More About Our Models

Our flagship challenge model. One of the best out there?

The Six Six challenge is another iteration of a 2 phase evaluation model. As the name suggests, there is just 6% profit targets in each phase. Combined with a 10% maximum drawdown limit, this presents an excellent profit-target/drawdown ratio for traders to capitalise on.

Phase 1 Profit Target

Phase 2 Profit Target

Max Fixed Drawdown

Daily Drawdown Limit


Key Features

Account Sizes Up To $300,000 

Our Evaluations

Choose the Right Account Size and Evaluation For You

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Frequently Asked Questions

Competitive Scaling Plan 

If you receive payouts totalling 12% or more in a 3-month period and at least 2 of those 3 months were profitable, we will increase the size of your simulated account by 20%. After 2 successfully completed scaling periods, your simulated profit split will be increased from 85% to 95%.

Trading Platforms

Choose from the popular and user-friendly trading platforms, Platform 4 or DXtrade with us.*




*Platform 4 not available for US residents. 

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Become a Funded Trader

Begin your journey, elevate your trading and become a funded prop trader with us.

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